PZB & Friends 1 Year Anniversary Recap!!


Thank you again to all of the amazing DJ’s and people who come out and make PZB & Friends what it has become! This last saturday for the PZB & Friends 1 year anniversary was no exception. The night started off great with my good buddies Danger Boy and Alexbustamove throwing down the Trap beats warming everybody up for Romy Ancona and Lexo the Great. Making their US debut was Silk/ Juice out of South Korea who supplied us with some really smooth techy beats leading up to yours truly PZB. Closing out the night was special guest Goj!ra who absolutely brought the house down. Thank you to everyone who made it out and for those of you who missed it here is some video of PZB & Goj!ra

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PZB & Friends 1 Year Anniversary

Almost a year ago PZB & Friends started something really exciting! Coincidentally a few friends had some birthdays around this date and we got together and decided to throw a party at the Central Social Aid and Pleasure Club in Santa Monica. I knew we were gonna have fun but what happened next was amazing… we blew that place apart. Still in my biased opinion the best party that the Central saw all year!! Some great bands played that night; American Royalty and Break Science who have gone on to have a very successful year. We have had the pleasure of also having the up and coming gLAdiator fresh of their EDC success, as well as other good friends Bastille, Bear Fight!, Alex Bustamove, Das Tapes, De5tro and Danger Boy.

This next installment of PZB & Friends Jan 12th 2013 will be our 5th edition and we are bringing the heat once again. We are really happy to have back Danger Boy and Alex Bustamove. They will be joined by Romy Ancona who I am really excited to join us. Followed by Rob McCall of Silk/Juice. These guys have been tearing it up over in Korea for the past year and are visiting just for a little while so it is extra special that they are on the bill. The special guest who will be closing out the night after PZB dazzles your eardrums will be Goj!ra, a good friend of ours from back in the day at UCLA.
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