LAMP Track of the Day – February 10th


Gonna take things a little bit different direction this week. Its been a while since I just let my inner techno loose so this week I have done just that. Todays track of the day is a remix of Deapmash’s newest release “Meters” from one of my favorite duos The Walk & Rogerseventytwo more popularly know as TWR72. If you are into that High-Tech Minimal shit then this is a track your gonna love. Gonna be an interesting collection this week plus some LAMP news and updates coming up later this week so keep checking back!!
In Case you missed last weeks mix here it is again.

LAMP Weekly Mix #6 – Feb.7.2014 by Pzb on Mixcloud

LAMP Track of the Day – January 30th


Today for the Track of the Day is the weekly mix from the third week in January. Hope you have enjoyed everything so far. Remember to check back tomorrow for a new mix. Gonna change things up a little so make sure not to miss it!!

Track of the Day – January 28th & 29th


Hey everyone been a hectic week over here at Apologies for missing the track of the day yesterday, had some technical difficulties. Now that that’s over lets talk about what an amazing month we have had here. It has been an absolute pleasure to share with you all of the music that is making our ears perk up as well as introduce you to some of the people we have been working very closely with over the past few months. The feedback from everyone has been amazing. February is just around the corner, but before that happens I wanted to take you back and reflect on all the great music from January. Above is the Mix from the first week in Jan (which was suppose to post yesterday), and todays track the second weekly mix from Jan 2014. Thanks for all of your support and keep checking back everyday for more new music.