LAMP Track of the Day — Stranger feat. Sam Dew (Brooks and Millar Bootleg)


Track of the Day — Stranger feat. Sam Dew (Brooks and Millar Bootleg)

So pumped for today!! Brooks and Millar are going to be playing for FREE tonight at The Short Stop. They will be opening for a special guest Dirtybird headliner who will be comin in hot from Miami. You will not want to miss this one. Brooks and Millar have been hard at work making tunes for their upcoming EP release (more on that later in the week) as well as a couple of remixes/ bootlegs. Most recently they just finished a bootleg of Stranger feat. Sam Dew by Skrillex. Im not sure if you have heard the original but I will link it down below. I highly recommend it. It is such an epic track that just sort of takes you on a crazy journey of electronic music and divergent soundscapes that all seem to fit perfectly together. The Brooks and Millar bootleg takes all of the essential elements of the original and re imagines it leaving behind some of the dubstep and elctro sounds giving it more of a breakbeat feel while at the same time making it an extremely dancefloor friendly tune.

Check out the new Skrillex album here

What can I say about this other than YES!! Maybe I have been watching too much of the WWE but YES YES YES! Dirtybird have done it again with this latest collaboration of Justin Martin and Eats Everything. The track titled “Kong” is one of two that the duo put together on this latest EP. You wanna talk about a track that takes you on a journey? Kong will take you there and back again and then some. I love the album art for this too. I strangely reminds me of a recurring dream I used to have when I was a little kid!!

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As I mentioned earlier Brooks and Millar will be playing a free show tonight at The Short Stop with one of the Dirtybird Players. They are going to be dropping a bunch of their new songs from their forthcoming EP release so you wont want to miss this opportunity. Click the banner above for more info!

LAMP Track of the Day – Casino Gold — All I Need (Troy Kurtz Remix) – March 17th

Track of the Day — Casino Gold — All I Need (Troy Kurtz Remix)

Happy St. Patty’s day everybody. Hope you all enjoyed your weekend and didn’t party too hard. If you’re a traditionalist then enjoy yourself today!! Got an amazing set of tracks for you this week. Today’s track of the day is from a buddy of mine Troy Kurtz. Just wait for that bass to kick in soooooo sick!! A stark departure from the original produce by Casino Gold. This remix by Troy makes use of the perfect vocal from the original and and from there adds to it a ridiculous bass line that makes the entire room shake. The rest of the track moves along nicely as well with some silky pads and sweeps keeping the track super sexy. Gonna be keeping this one in the crate for a while. If you like the track click down below and buy this track!!! I dont usually do this but us little guys gotta help each other out. Thanks and see you back tomorrow with a free download!!

LAMP Track of the Day – May 11th – Shake Ya Ass (Wuki Remix)


Mystikal – Shake Ya Ass (Wuki Remix)

Bringing back one of my favorites from earlier this year for the track of the day today. With all this talk of NSA spying and leaking of classified information I figured I share some Wukileaks with you all!! This dude Wuki has been really doin’ it for me since I got a taste of his Framework EP. He has some of the sickest sounding baselines and this batch of remixes title WukiLeaks Vol. 1 is full of great examples of his ability in the studio. Oh and they are all available to download for Free!!

Also got a new release for you by Kevin Knapp & Florian Kruse.

Keeping somewhat in theme from yesterdays Hot Creations release Kevin Knapp teams up with Florian Kruse to bring you The Block EP. Release #83 from Off Records. This dudes voice might just be perfect for this style of music and mixed with the jacking soulful beats alongside Florian Kruse makes me wish we could get the pool parties started already.