LAMP Track of the Day – May 11th – Shake Ya Ass (Wuki Remix)


Mystikal – Shake Ya Ass (Wuki Remix)

Bringing back one of my favorites from earlier this year for the track of the day today. With all this talk of NSA spying and leaking of classified information I figured I share some Wukileaks with you all!! This dude Wuki has been really doin’ it for me since I got a taste of his Framework EP. He has some of the sickest sounding baselines and this batch of remixes title WukiLeaks Vol. 1 is full of great examples of his ability in the studio. Oh and they are all available to download for Free!!

Also got a new release for you by Kevin Knapp & Florian Kruse.

Keeping somewhat in theme from yesterdays Hot Creations release Kevin Knapp teams up with Florian Kruse to bring you The Block EP. Release #83 from Off Records. This dudes voice might just be perfect for this style of music and mixed with the jacking soulful beats alongside Florian Kruse makes me wish we could get the pool parties started already.



Track of the Day – January 28th & 29th


Hey everyone been a hectic week over here at Apologies for missing the track of the day yesterday, had some technical difficulties. Now that that’s over lets talk about what an amazing month we have had here. It has been an absolute pleasure to share with you all of the music that is making our ears perk up as well as introduce you to some of the people we have been working very closely with over the past few months. The feedback from everyone has been amazing. February is just around the corner, but before that happens I wanted to take you back and reflect on all the great music from January. Above is the Mix from the first week in Jan (which was suppose to post yesterday), and todays track the second weekly mix from Jan 2014. Thanks for all of your support and keep checking back everyday for more new music.

LAMP Track of the Day – January 16th


It’s another two track day over here. Gonna start you off with our Thursday Throwback Track of the Day from a name that is probably familiar to most of you Alex Metric! This track titled “Holding” dates back to 2006. It comes as no surprise this track can still hold its own considering the man behind the magic. If your not familiar with Alex Metric make it happen.

The Second track of the day comes to you again from Wuki. I though about just playing this dudes entire EP this week. But then I wouldnt be able to share all of the other great tracks I have for you. But be prepared to hear more form this producer in the very near future.
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