LAMP Track of the Day – February 26th


The first track of the day for today is from Simion and it is from one of my favorite labels Off Recodings. I think I have almost every one of their releases going all the way back to like #27. This is #82. The track is another in a long history of songs celebrating the word Jack. Maybe I’ll make a mix one day with all the songs I have that have the word “Jack” in them. “Jack Your Body” is a fun little track that will be perfect fit for dance floors across the globe.

Groove Armada is back with a new EP on Moda Black Records. I wonder if these guys have been listening to a lot of Tool recently. Nonetheless this track is straight up hotness. Great little disco feel over dark and sexy bass line. Enjoy.

LAMP Track of the Day – February 25th


Going down the deep and dark techno path for the track of the day today. Mosca’s remix of “Sombody” by Trus’Me is super heavy but in a very good way. It just sort of rumbles its way through on this little journey. On the surface there doesn’t seem to be very much happening and then all of the intricately put together percs and drums start popping through. Also loving all of the pads and little stabs goin on in the background. Very well put together track here. Looking forward to the mix with this one!! Speaking of Mixes check out last weeks mix if you havent done so already!

LAMP Track of the Day – February 19th


Two dudes who’s music I have been listening to quit a bit lately are Tom Shorterz and Chris Lorenzo. Recently I came across a collaboration that the two of them have started called Paranoid Resistance. Today’s Track of the Day “The Tunnel” is off of a new EP they put out recently. By themselves they are producing some of the best stuff out there in my opinion. Chris Lorenzo has been an absolute beast as of late so naturally I got really excited to see he had teamed up with Tom Shorterz. The entire EP is incredible and I strongly suggest checking it out HERE

This Saturday in conjunction with Guitar Center West LA We will be helping spread the word about LSTN Headphones. Check out the video above to see more about their mission and come by the store on Saturday Feb. 22nd from 12-5pm to try them out. Were gonna have some of the LAMP DJ’s Special Blend, Mr. Puzl and myself playing some tunes. Touch Vinyl will be on hand with some of their new Vinyl releases for you Vinyl junkies out there. We will also be having a raffle giving away a couple of tickets to Penguin Prison this Saturday at the Echoplex. Click the banner below for more info and presale tickets which are close to being gone so make sure to grab them now if you dont want to miss this show. Which why would you? It’s gonna be an amazing show.
*Risky Vision.
*Damsels cause distress. Men who crave orange zest and cigarettes. Our late night, lascivious business belong in LA’s shadows, the deep sounds of the dance underground.
Come hide.
*Presented by The Echo, Downtown Lobby, FruitFlyLife, Cream & LAMP
*Photography by Paisley Bruise.
Penguin Prison (DJ Set w/ Live Vocals)
Valida (KCRW)
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For those of you who had the patience to scroll all the way down here is one more track of the day for you. Hope you like it!!