Track of the Day – January 28th & 29th


Hey everyone been a hectic week over here at Apologies for missing the track of the day yesterday, had some technical difficulties. Now that that’s over lets talk about what an amazing month we have had here. It has been an absolute pleasure to share with you all of the music that is making our ears perk up as well as introduce you to some of the people we have been working very closely with over the past few months. The feedback from everyone has been amazing. February is just around the corner, but before that happens I wanted to take you back and reflect on all the great music from January. Above is the Mix from the first week in Jan (which was suppose to post yesterday), and todays track the second weekly mix from Jan 2014. Thanks for all of your support and keep checking back everyday for more new music.

LAMP Weekly Mix + Track of the Day – January 10th

Weekly Mix for 1.10.2014 + We also have one more Track of the Day for you down below by Mendoza

Thanks for all the great feedback on last weeks mix. I have really been enjoying sharing all of this music with you. This weeks mix just like last weeks is taking all of the showcased tracks of the day including the Thursday throwback track and putting them together in a continuous mix. There are plenty more tracks where these came from so keep checking back every day Monday-Friday for new music!! We also have one more Track of the Day for you down below by Mendoza!! Thanks for listening and and if you enjoy could please do me favor and share or repost this so others can enjoy it as well? Thank You!! See you again on Monday!!

LAMP Track of the Day – January 6th


The first track of the day this week is another one off the “Fishtank/Guzzler” remix album by Zombie Nation. I absolutely love the original of this track and and recommend highly recommend it as well. This particular track is remixed by Turbo Turbo ( who I recently stumbled upon in the last couple of months. I promise you will be hearing much more from this duo. And as I learn more about them I will surely have some more tracks of theirs showcased here and in the future.

Just in case you missed last weeks mix here it is one more time!! Don’t forget to check back everyday for a new track of the day plus a new mini mix every Friday! Thanks for listening and if you like what’s happening here please try to share with at least one person so they can enjoy it as well!!